Smart Range

Lightpro Smart range now not only covers a range of smart lights with RGB control, but also Smart controls. These 12v devices will allow you to control the lighting in lots of different ways via an app on your smart mobile or tablet. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth latest technology is used to enable you to have control over the complete system or create zones and scenes within your garden. The latest wireless motion sensors will switch on the system or zone, when triggered from different areas. This is useful when switching lighting on paths or driveways. You can even add in a CCTV camera that will add that extra bit of safety.

The 12v Lightpro system is plug and play. Simply connect your Lightpro cable to your Lightpro transformer and connect your Lightpro spotlights to the cable using Lightpro's award winning screw connector.


For full technical information on Lightpro Smart click here

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