The Lightpro professional outdoor lighting system is extremely easy to install. The whole system runs on just 12V making a safe plug and play style garden lighting system which equally lends it self to larger landcaping projects as well.

So how does it work?

STEP 1: Choose Your Outdoor Lights

At launch the Lightpro range has 25 lights consisting of post lights, spotlights, wall lights, up lights, deck lights and decorative lighting. Simply pick the lighting you would like for your garden or landscape project.

All the lighting has been styled to work together and is all low voltage led.

STEP 2: 12V Cabling

Unlike low voltage garden lighting systems that have fixed plug positions, Lightpro is completely hastle free when it comes to cabling. No more being dictated to where the lights need to be or lost hours trying to work out the best way to configure the cabling to get the sockets where you need them! Simply roughly measure how much cable you will need for your project, buy the corresponding reel of cable and away you go.

Lightpro has a max cable length of 80m. Cabling beyond this length may result in voltage drop.

STEP 3 Choose The Correct Transformer

The lightpro transformers include a light sensor, allowing your lights to automatically come on when it gets dark and a timer. Available in 60W and 100W, the transformers simply plug into a standard outdoor plug socket, no wiring necessary.

To select the correct transformer for your outdoor lighting project, simply add up the total watts of your lights and choose the corresponding transformer. For example, if you your total watts are less then 60W the smaller transformer will be fine. Otherwise the larger transformer will give you extra capacity up to 100W. Remember when planning your outdoor lighting project that you may wish to add lighting in the future, so saving some capacity for this is definetly a good idea.

STEP 4 Connect Up

All that's left to do is to simply connect your lighting to the cable using the award winning Lightpro connectors. And connect your cable to the transformer either using the supplied cable shoes or the easy to connect cable transformer lead (available separately).